Design, Build and Monetize Blog Course

This course is equipped with all you need to get your blog idea off the ground, create it, run it and begin earning from it.

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Design, Build and Monetize Blog Course

I had known lack for most part of my life as a youth. Growing up as a leader was not so easy as a child, then finding self was a painful process.

I went through University broke, and anti-social due to low self-esteem stemming from a biting conservative religious upbringing. But I was brilliant. A brilliant timid girl bubbling with curiosity and ideas from within. I was that “A” student who wouldn’t walk up stage to get the accolades from teachers because of timidity and impostor syndrome. I ran away from Physics WAEC hall, because I didn’t fit in.

 I wanted to write, share information, create, explore and contribute to humanity but had to fight to follow my path. I ‘ran’ away from home, to find myself and my kind of work in another region. Blogging came to my rescue in my journey of self, work and earning a living.

 Now, I serve people internationally, have a firm validation because I have grown a media platform and a powerful personal brand, and have grown in influence, capacity, wealth and more because I learnt to blog from my boyfriend in 2009.

With blogging, my writing, editing, story-telling, and observation skill came alive and being empathetic helped me use its influence to build a force, a movement, a people!

With blogging, I have worked with high impact individuals, served international organisations, earned income for what I call ‘having fun’, trained thousands of people on the power of blogging via trainings and various media, currently raising an movement of men, established a full-fledged organisation from it and have now decided to teach you how I did it.

 How cool?

 Very cool, yeah?


Who is this course for?

Students, Teens, Consultants, Business owners, Authors, Inventors, Innovators, Story tellers, retired elder statesmen and women, Stay at home mums/dads, and anyone who feels strongly about helping people.

Design, Build and Monetize Blog course gives you full access to 4 full-compact teachings, tools, guides and coaching for 90 days that will guide you to create the kind of work you love and how earn from it using a blog platform.

 Do you have a message/ or life passion you want to express but not sure how to start?

Do you want to be known, seen and make a living doing the business you love?

Do you feel passionate about reaching out to people and being a publicist that earns?

Blogging as taught by Jenny Chisom is a path that guarantees a global career success. Whether you want to blog as a corporate entity or as an individual, this course will take your hands through it all.

Come, let me help you create magic!

I know how you crave the limelight because you know you are a born star! You have something to give humanity, and feel it is time too. 

 More so, I know you have become familiar with successful 

bloggers, high earning bloggers and also gotten accustomed to the millions of struggling bloggers. That is why on my 10th blogging anniversary year, 2019 I am here to show you all you need to build a successful online business using blogging.

 DBMB Course gives you a head start to conceptualize, develop, market, create, dominate and monetize your blog from your first 90 days.


Module 1: Pick a Profitable Blog Niche

By the end of this module, you should have selected your blog niche, name and address

Lesson 1: Brainstorm: How to sort through your personal wealth for areas you have massive influence

Lesson 2: Sieve it down: How to decide which particular idea to blog, so you do not regret or abandon your blog

Lesson 3: Be Cork sure: Test if people will love you to provide this service on your blog, and subscribe and pay even before you launch

Lesson 4: Name it Right: How to appropriately brand yourself online so the people who need you can find you easily and put their money on you

Module 2: Structure your blog

By the end of this module, you should have designed your blog niche, address, content outline, categories, audience and duration.

Lesson 1: Deciding your Blog identity: Choosing between a personal brand blog niche or a topical/corporate blog

Lesson 2: Understanding Niche blogging: To niche or not to niche

Lesson 3: Registering Blog domains and hosting: Never-to-ignore tips for securing a profitable address

Lesson 4: Identifying Ideal blog readers: The people who would most benefit from your blog need to know and what they must know  – Value proposition

Lesson 5: The Blog Category outline: Designing blog topic focus to start with and which is free and which is subscription based.

Lesson 6: Developing 90 Blog posts topics: Proven strategies to never run out of what to blog

Lesson 7: Choosing a blog Culture: Determining your blog editorial calendar, culture, attitude, tone and style


Module 3: Fuel your funnel with content

By the end of this module, you should have understood how to write for your blog and also social media using templates and driving ideologies.

Lesson 1: Social media rebranding: Crafting Bios, and brand on social media

Lesson 2: Understanding Content forms: Templates for taking quality pictures, videos, design graphics and write stories in texts

Lesson 3: Understanding Content forms 2: Templates for taking quality pictures, videos, design graphics and write stories in texts

Lesson 4: Storytelling for influence: Using story hacks as a blogger

Lesson 5: Content creation and curation hacks (Types of contents – Q& A, polls, questions, report, analysis, curating content like quotes, chats, memes, videos, posts)

Lesson 6: Creating freebies: Optin products that convert

Lesson 7: Introduction to blog products development and pricing

Module 4: Grow your Blog audience

By the end of this module, you should have gained followers who are hungry for your Blog offers, understood how to get people to ‘buy’ from you and using available resources for visibility

Lesson 1: Increasing your audience base: Paying attention to audience appeal and acceptance

Lesson 2: Growing social media audience +1000 with ease: 10 hacks for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook growth

Lesson 3: Unpacking a simple blog sales funnel: Crafting irresistible offers that converting potential blog readers before launch

Lesson 4: Cost effective media boost: How to attract media attention without spending a fortune

Lesson 5: Identifying Blog stakeholders: Practicing pitching

Lesson 6: 7 tools for conversion: Designing technical support for your blog

Module 5: Launching Your Blog

By the end of this module, you should have announced your blog is coming, be working with passionate blog fans who are spreading the news of your blog

–          Lesson 1: What is a Blog Launch?:  Understanding what a successful launch entails

–          Lesson 2: Setting up a Launch squad – How to choose the best team to work with

–          Lesson 3: Content for Launch: PR content for 30 days of Launch

–          Lesson 4: Boosting the blog sales funnel organically: Getting many people into the room to create audience appeal for your blog

–          Lesson 5: Paid ads: Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google to drive conversions

Module 6: Create your blog

By the end of this module, you should know exactly the structure of the blog platform you want

–          Lesson 1: Choosing a Blog platform: Determining the blog that suits you

–          Lesson 2: Pros and Cons: Comparing platforms

–          Lesson 3: Understanding Features, tools and uses

Module 7

By the end of this module, you should have designed a blog on

Developing your Google Blog: All that needs to be done including integration with third party assets

Module 8

By the end of this module, you should have designed a blog on and

Developing your WordPress Blog: All that needs to be done including integration with plugins, widgets etc



Module 9: Plan your blog business

By the end of this module, you should have used a media business template to create an easy-to-implement blog marketing plan

–          Lesson 1: Dealing with Negative Blog business perception: Unlearning business frustration

–          Lesson 2: Blog Money strategies: Multiple avenues to generate income from your blog

–          Lesson 3: Blog Money Strategies 2: Multiple avenues to generate income from your blog

–          Lesson 4: How to ensure steady income flow

–          Lesson 5: Investment packages for bloggers: Why you should never go broke

–          Lesson 6: Going Live!!!

About the Instructor

I am a woman on purpose and with power house impact! I began blogging 10 years ago, and began teaching blogging as a course for development since June 21, 2013 in Abuja-Nigeria. Having conducted many live trainings, webinars, and traditional media, I decided to create this transformational course.

Blogging gave me a stand to address the world from and I have not looked back ever since. I have gone ahead to mentor, coach and train thousands of people and commanded the attention of millions of people through my online channels – blogs and social media.

I work at Login Bloggers Africa as the chief executive/co-founder and also do provide content development services via my blog company, Logos Audibles.

I am the best coach at showing you how to make money from who you are. But how can you do that – and totally disrupt your sphere without a viable blog. Social media influence alone won’t cut it, so I teach you the authority way- the power of a blog.

I am delighted to be part of your journey through success.

Welcome to late nights of creating valuable content, high impact service delivery and high income business.

What People are saying

From Jenny Chisom, I learnt the resourcefulness of blogging. I never knew it to be as wide as how she made me see it the night at the Blog Smart Hangout in Abuja. I always look forward to sitting with her because I feel there is so much more inside her I need to get out. She made the role I had to play in my blog niche clearer than I ever saw it. The importance of my parenting niche became clearer and I took  on the almost singular role of proferring Parenting advice to parents within and outside Nigeria.Today, I can say I’m the sole parenting blogger in Nigeria. Registering for her masterclass in 2018, made me become aware of the opportunities available online. I began online coaching, then met another hurdle – Pricing! The she came again! On a certain Sunday in December 2018 she said “You just have to keep creating packages to suit your followers needs” and that was all the confirmation I needed. It’s been a bit difficult carving out a scheme for this niche because there really isn’t a blueprint for me from others (No other parenting blogger in Nigeria). I have to create everything from my head; everything fresh. But the ideas I get from Jenny’s coaching always clear all doubts. From the Login Bloggers Master class, my online course emerged, then Whatsapp coaching classes, which is now better structured. Now, I have birthed the one on one coaching classes for this December, I have two clients already. Jenny, you are one 2018 miracle I thank God for! Let’s do more in 2019.

Adaeze Ajegwu

Login Bloggers, Mastermind member 2018, Daisy Parenting Blog

To be honest, Jenny Chisom’s passion, zeal and commitment towards blogging as a business is wow! Being able to see beyond conventional blogging and being able to harness other business opportunities in blogging such as blog classes using offline and online platforms are just exceptional moves that I really appreciate about her blogging style. Even though I have not been able to actually emulate most due to my niche.


Dotun Roy

Development Blogger from Nigeria, Dotun Roy

Jenny’s commitment to supporting brands is overwhelming. Sometimes I feel she cares less about herself. She prefers to get her clients satisfied before considering herself. She is a goal getter. Most importantly, she has built a brand a lot of companies can trust.

Unachi Sunday

CEO, Naija Gospel Beat

When it comes to Niche clarity, Jenny Chisom helped me to define the proper niche for my blog. Before then, I was putting all kinds of content on my blog but after several coachings I was able to discover and focus on my niche which is running a patriotic/national blog. Through her “Bloggers and Influencers in Abuja” group and Login Bloggers, I was given opportunity to interact with other bloggers, get inspired, learn and grow. On blog monetization, a whole lot of cash I have made blogging came from lessons I learnt from her on monetization. Focus on partnering with brands more than Adsense, she taught me, that once I get visibility , brands will be willing to partner with me and that has worked for me. Just watching her do what she does and the great impact she makes inspires me a lot. She is a great motivator and have motivated me in no small way. Welldone boss! Keep soaring to greater heights!

Mercy Ebute

Mercy Ebute Blog

I learnt how to position myself in a niche – 1 Minute Video marketing and the tricks and wins for being visible on social media. I have learnt a whole lot and created a marketing plan for my business in less than 1 month of encountering Jenny Chisom.


Ralph N.C Sanchez


Over the years, I have learnt that for you to be great and supportive as a blogger and influencer, you need to celebrate fellow bloggers, promote upcoming entrepreneurs’ products and services for free but don’t say NO when they eventually approach you with money. It encourages support in the ecosystem while increasing one’s followers and future supportive people for one’s brand.

Cynthia Anaele

Managing Director, CEO, 2Twosix

Jenny Chisom taught me to be consistent in all I do. If I really want to be an influencer, it does not matter the number of likes or comments, (I Must) just keep pushing. Above all, she supports me all the way. She is a support system and will always share opportunities with others not minding if they will steal her ideas. Jenny taught me the true meaning of the quote “you rise by raising others”. Always pushing. You are my MVP!

Pat Eyaba

Managing Director, Unleash Ur Creativity

Got Questions

I may already have answered you below

Why should I take this course?

You need it especially if you have been meaning to create a blog that will be a business you can earn from. If you are just starting, or have been blogging as a hobby, this course will save you the hassles of error and trials, and get you on the path to doing the work you love.

What do I need for this course?

An internet enabled laptop, a smart phone (in some cases), attention to work and practice and readiness to blow your own mind!

How long will I have access to this course?

For a whole year! If needed afterwards, you get instant access when you reach out to me via or call +2348083883395

What if I dislike the course after paying?

We would refund you 100% if you let us know not later than 14 days after. You must also have completed at least one module by then to get fully refunded. We understand that it may not be what you are ready for at the time and would not mind at all.

This Course gives you free add-on access to:

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Weekly live webinars and coaching worth $2000

Private community for support and feedback worth  $400

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